Get more out of your Sales People

When contacts/leads are organized your sales people are able to focus on selling rather than looking for contact information.

Lead Settings page

Lead Management

The basics adding/editing/deleting of leads. Searching of leads by any data field. Organizing leads into folders.

Import and Export Data

Lead information can be imported via a CSV file and also exported into a csv file. We also give integration codes for your websites contact forms.

Email Automation

Users can contact leads/contacts directly though the platform. In addition a follow-up email sequence can be setup to each lead.

Lead Status/Scoring

Leads can be classified by status such as open, in progress, dead, closed. Also scoring of lead such as hot, cold, warm.

Notes/Follow-up System

Each lead can have unlimited notes on it and we also have a quick note system to quickly mark a lead. In addition leads can have a follow-up date, which can be scheduled to outlook calendar or google calendar.

Sales Team Manager

The sales team manager has reports on each sales person in terms of lead touches, leads that are open, in progress, closed and more!

Excellent Support

We have great support staff that is not outsourced that you are able to contact and work with. In addition each account has their own account manager who would be your point of contact.

Marketing Solutions

Velocity can offer than a platform for your sales team. We can also gain you more customers through email marketing, social media advertising and targeted data for your sales people to follow-up with.


We are able to customize the platform for your needs. If there is a feature requirement for your business we are willing to discuss adding to your platform with us. We also have whitelabel/reseller options to keep your own branding.